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One Drop X Mash Gang - Gang Gang Non Alc Pastry Stout 440ml

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Gang Gang No-Alc Biscotti Pastry Stout

One Drop x Mash Gang Collaboration

440mL // 0.5% ABV


Embrace the winter season with this luxuriously rich stout, boasting a velvety smooth texture, and decadent flavours of lovely biscotti and sweet cream, all without the booze. Brewed with the No-Alc legends that are Mash Gang, originating in the UK, they were here for brewday and wow-wee did we lay down something unique. Its creamy finish, touched with a delicate note of vanilla, creates a comforting indulgence perfect for sipping by the fireside.


Embrace the new. Elevate your winter evenings.


Join the c̶u̶l̶t Gang.