About Us

Sarah Rusbatch

To deliver to the people of Australia the highest quality and largest range of alcohol free drinks, direct to your door, at the lowest cost.

Hi! Thanks for visiting Free Spirit Drink Co and we look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months. You are so welcome here! Take a look around, explore the options we have available, send us reviews of your favourite AF drinks and of course, if you try something elsewhere that we don’t have in stock and you would like us to add to the website - let us know!

Free Spirit Drink Co was established in 2021 by Sarah & Adrian to offer the people of Perth and the rest of Australia a range of high quality, alcohol free beverages delivered direct to your door, office or function. Our mission is to offer a wide range to suit everyone’s tastes of premium, alcohol free products so that no-one ever again has to be stuck with their only option being a high sugar soft drink or water (something Sarah experienced so much when she first stopped drinking 2 years ago).

Sarah is a strong ambassador for growing the alcohol free movement in Australia, an accredited ‘grey area drinking’ coach and a qualified women’s health and wellness coach. For more details on Sarah, her services and her story visit www.slrwellness.com

After a visit overseas and seeing the vast range of premium, alcohol free drinks available in many other countries, she returned to Australia disheartened by the high sugar, sweet tasting alcohol free ‘wine’ available on supermarket shelves. And so began her mission to bring ‘Free Spirit Drink Co’ to life.

Rest assured we will never stock anything we haven’t tried and that has passed our strict, high quality standards. We do the tastings so you don’t have to!








Adrian Allier

After running a successful business in the finance industry for the past ten years, I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted to be involved in a business that could have a positive influence on people’s lives. I think we are seeing a real change in how people approach drinking in Australia and around the world.

‘Free Spirit Drink Co’ is a business that aligns with my personal beliefs and has an ethical and community focus. I had no idea of the scope and quality of the non-alcoholic drinks’ market. The products are so close to the rival alcoholic drink – it’s quite incredible. I’m looking forward to being part of this exciting industry in the years to come.