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Brown Brothers Cienna Zero

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Brown Brothers Cienna Zero presents a revitalizing red wine that possesses a gentle, vibrant quality and is brimming with hints of delightful summer berries.

Bringing forth the complete and fruity essence akin to your favored Cienna, this effortlessly enjoyable red wine is crafted with an alcohol content of less than 0.5%. It is optimal for relishing at a chilled temperature throughout all seasons.

Vineyard Region: Victoria
Wine Analysis: Alc/Vol: <0.5%
Colour: Cienna Zero is a refreshingly light wine with a vibrant ruby red colour.
Aroma: The nose is lifted with aromas of fresh red berry fruit and a hint of spice.
Palate: With fruit sweetness on the palate it is rich and juicy with a refreshing light bubble to the finish.
Peak Drinking: This wine is best enjoyed young and well chilled

Recommended food pairings: Serve well chilled, this light and fruity wine makes the perfect partner to a wide range of dishes. Try it with a spicy Chinese hot pot and enjoy how the sweetness of the wine eases the heat of chilli and spice. Cienna is also fantastic with crushed meringue and fresh mixed berries smothered in raspberry coulis.

Growing Conditions: This wine is made from cienna grapes grown at our Mystic Park vineyard in the Murray Valley of north west Victoria. The fruit was harvested from late March to mid April at baumé levels ranging from 13.5 to 14.5. 

Winemaking notes: After fermentation the alcohol was removed using spinning cone distillation technology to ensure full flavour. The Cienna Zero was bottled with a alcohol of 0.5%.