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B1654 Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

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Sparkling (Vintage 2021)

To get the best wine as a Non-Alcoholic Wine you need to start with the Best wine with alcohol and go thru the meticulous process of stripping all the great characters from the wine before carefully and painstakingly adding back these characters rebuilding the wine without the alcohol. To get a great result there is no fast-tracking this process.

This refreshing Sparkling has a brilliant fruit structure and well balanced, best enjoyed as a starter to any occasion or celebration or just to sit and enjoy with friends.

Made from the finest South Australian grapes and like all our non–alcohol wines we use traditional winemaking techniques to make the wine prior to carefully removing the alcohol but retaining all the other qualities of wine

About B1654

They say greatness takes time and it’s the case with our range of Non-Alcoholic Wines.

With a combined 84 vintages in the wine industry as the second generation and to pay tribute to my father a true innovator that was exactly 20 years ahead of his time with the surge in Non-Alcoholic Wines and Beverages.

Dad – Big Kev as he’s known as a humble man who always shied away from taking credit for his achievements and instead allowed others to benefit from his passion and commitment to the industry was the main Driver and pioneer of the true process of making Non Alcoholic wines and beverages.  For which 20 years ago this year for which he won and innovation award for when he was the General Manager of Penfolds Loxton Winery instead of accepting it as himself allowed Penfolds the opportunity for all his commitment and hard work.

Kevin was also recognised and awarded an Order Of Australia Medal for services to the wine industry and the community. 

As the years have passed, combined Dad and I have assisted many other businesses and people to forge their way in the wine industry, but as dad’s days are drawing closer in his old age it was time for me to set out of my comfort zone and present a range of Non-alcoholic wines to show that you can make a Non Alcoholic wine that still has all the characteristics and complexities of a traditional wine.