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Brewtropic Alcohol Free Tropical Sour

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DISCLAIMER: Contains functional ingredients including hemp seeds. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. Check with your doctor if you're unsure.

Brewed in Australia

The BREWTROPIC Approved Leave’ is a tropical sour style beer with lush flavours and functional plant medicines. It contains hemp seed, passionflower, and mango leaves which in combination are designed to help your mind and body relax - both inside and outside the office.

Ingredients:  Filtered water, malted barley*, galaxy hops, botanical extracts (mango leaf, passionflower, hemp seeds), yeast extract, bacterial culture (Lactobacillus), natural flavours (Kensington mango distillate, Passionfruit distillate), Murray River salt. Vitamin: C (Ascorbic Acid). Carbon neutral.