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Eggenberg Pilsner

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From the historic Upper North region of Austria in Vorchdorf comes Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg “the soul of exceptional beers” since 1681. Schloss Eggenberg Freibier is Austria’s first non-alcoholic beer- Freibier.

Eggenberg uses only the purest raw materials from Austria. Water from its own well and, the highest quality barley and hops from the northern parts of Austria. Freibier is not dealcoholised but fermented with a special yeast which produces less than 0.4% alcohol during fermentation.

Winner: Gold medal - Non-Alcoholic Beer (Bottom Fermented) 2017, European Beer Star awards, Germany.

Tasting Notes

This non-alcoholic pilsner has a golden colour with a medium body and a pleasant light bitterness. It has an aroma that is light and grainy and pours with a light head.

Other Notes

Freibier contains 22 kilo calories and 4.5 carbs per 100 ml serve and has less than 0.5% ABV. It is sold in 330ml bottles in cases of 24 bottles with 4x6 packs.

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