Corporate Tastings / Workshops

Your next corporate team activity?  Alcohol-free Tastings and Corporate Workshops

Free Spirit Drink Co are delighted to offer companies in Perth a brand new initiative in the form of both Alcohol-free Tastings and/or Corporate Workshops centred around alcohol and mental health/wellbeing. 
This interactive and fun tastings experience can be booked independently as
  • a fun, inclusive, team building exercise or
  • as part of a wider discussion workshop around Alcohol, Mental Health and discovering alternative ways to combat stress outside of that habitual evening alcoholic drink.
At Free Spirit Drink Co, we are passionate about initiating conversations in the workplace around alcohol, wellbeing and mental health. This can be done in a non-confrontational, informative manner through any of our services. Our goal with these services is to enable you to create and promote a strong and supportive wellbeing culture within your organization.
Our Co-Founder Sarah Rusbatch is Perth’s only accredited ‘Grey Area Drinking’ Coach and works with individuals throughout Australia to change their relationship with alcohol as well as delivering engaging, thought provoking Corporate Talks/Workshops around Alcohol and Mental Health.

1. Alcohol-free Tastings:

These 1-2 hour Tasting Events are a great way to give your team the opportunity to try a wide range of our alcohol-free products including wines,  beers, champagnes, ciders and spirits. Tastings are conducted in a light-hearted and fun manner with tasting cards, discussion and information. Your team can select their favourites to include in the company kitchen! This is an inclusive and fun experience to bring your team together to try something new. (If you’d like to sample our drinks before you book a session, we are happy to arrange that!)

2. Corporate Talks/Workshops (Alcohol and mental health and wellbeing):

Our Workshops can be booked alongside our tasting experience or separately. The goal of our workshops is for Sarah to initiate thought provoking and open discussions around alcohol and mental health. Sarah talks candidly about her own experience with alcohol and shares the techniques she uses to manage stress and overwhelm outside of alcohol. These workshops can be delivered in the format of a presentation or a round table discussion. We follow the discussion with a tasting of alcohol-free drinks which completes a unique and incredibly valuable company experience and one that can have a profound and positive impact on company culture.
For more information, please contact Sarah on or 0451 055147


"Sarah is an energetic, inspiring and authentic leader of change towards a world where  healthy and life affirming ways of interacting, socialising and managing stress are the go-to options. Sarah’s real and informative style makes it possible for people to consider change without sacrificing fun and connection. Most importantly Sarah presents practical ideas without judgement. At our recent Wellness Day Sarah made an impact both by sharing her story which resonated with so many and offering a range of delicious, zero-alcohol drinks which shifted our views and helped us on our journey of encouraging our people to make choices which provide refreshment without downsides."


Linda O’Farrell
Director Fortescue People